Velo Cult

Sky Boyer is a genius - an absolute freakin' genius. Sky owns Velo Cult, one of the coolest bicycle shops in America's Finest City.

Real Steel Vintage Elite Frames

How many shops do you know of that carry Randonneur, City, Mixtes, Townie, Tandem and Work bikes right out there along side the (ubiquitous) Fixies? Great bicycles in inventory of most any vintage, ready to go. How many have a Museum chock full of bicycles? How many have over 100 vintage steel - STEEL - framesets? A real Campy Frame-Prep kit, complete? They carry lots & lots of specialized unusual inventory and repair parts, lighting systems - just their handlebar tree is remarkable. If you're a bike NUT (dare I say 'cultist"?) as I am, this is mecca.

Velo Cult is also involved in the community (check out San Diego Bike Commuter), and staffed by genuinely nice, knowledgeable folks who won't tell you what other shops do about the latest carbon-unobtanium crap just to make a sale.

This is a real bike shop. Go there. Enjoy looking at the bikes. Buy something. Tell your friends.