I just read a really entertaining book by Rob Penn entitled "It's All About the Bike". The book narrarates the story of (the author) an avid, life-long cyclist's quest to finally have The Ultimate Bicycle, and the choices he makes along the way.
It's full of great tidbits and historical background regarding what Cyclists refer to as The Bike. If you're curious about the bicycle's history, hungry for historical details about the shapers and developers of the bike, or just a flat out crazy fan of all things velo (like me), I predict you'll find this book a fun read. My only complaint is that it came to an end.

The other book I started recently is by Gary Taubes, "Why We Get Fat and What We Can Do About It". He's thoughtful, thorough, and iconoclastic in his understanding of our obesity problem (also the Diabetes 'epidemic' and attendant health issues).

Thought-provoking and possibly life-changing.